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Portrait of Ann Cowan, artist

About Ann Cowan

Based in Edinburgh, Ann’s work has featured in many exhibitions. Ann spends time walking and drawing and takes inspiration from the architecture and cityscapes of Edinburgh as well as the East Lothian coastline.

Current Project - Dunbar Sketchbooks

Dunbar is a town on the North Sea coast of East Lothian in South East Scotland.  It lies around midway from my home in Edinburgh and from where I grew up near Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.  When the idea of having a joint exhibition with Dominique Cameron (who was working on a project focusing on Rannoch Moor) was first raised, I decided Dunbar would be the perfect subject.  I'm interested in the contrasts and contradictions in the town - its vibrant High Street, narrow Closes, hidden gardens, industrial buildings, busy harbour and windswept beaches.

I've tried to understand how to represent Dunbar - its character and energy.  Sketches by their nature are immediate responses and I hope the energy and spontaneity of the mark making comes across in the works.

As well as individual sketches, I completed several concertina sketchbooks.  The linear form of these books lends itself to representing the walks I took through the town.  I'm able to show different perspectives, jump from one spot to another, pick out compositions that catch my eye.

'Dunbar Sketchbooks' is a collection of some of those sketches completed between December 2019 and March 2020.  A book featuring the sketches is now available for £10 plus postage.  To order a copy please contact me by submitting the contact form below.


Since the end of March, I have been working on a series of sketchbooks as part of the artist support pledge on Instagram. Some of the sketchbooks are available to view and I will post new work here.


I had a lovely walk at Belhaven this mor

Contact Ann

Ann lives and works in Edinburgh. If you would like to talk to her about her work or to order a copy of 'Dunbar Sketchbooks'...

Email: acowanart@gmail.com

Or use the contact form below...


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